Audience-Based Media

Video has become one of the strongest forms of communication in the digital age. Done effectively, it creates a psychological connection for audiences to deeply understand a message. In order for this to happen, content creators must conceptually evaluate viewer experience with every step.

Why I Love What I Do

Behind the Scenes

The heart behind Sketchbook is to work with local individuals and organizations in communicating their ideas to the public. No one knows what you do better than you do, but somehow that needs to be shared through a medium such as video. In video, everything is condensed, to accommodate society’s decreasing attention span. That means, the message needs to be clear and engaging right from the start.

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What’s Next?

You may have questions, or it may be overwhelming think about how to get your message across. You’ve done the hard part already of just having an idea. It’s our job to take that idea and build the bridge between you and your audience.

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